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Recent updates killed now playing (if playback is on other device)

Recent updates killed now playing (if playback is on other device)







(iPhone 12 Pro Max / Windows)


Operating System

(IOS fully patched / Windows 11 fully patched)


My Question or Issue


When playing on a remote device (my windows 11 Computer in this case), the now playing widget is not showing. Also on iOS the indication in the lock screen is showing a wrong track. 


I used to do this all the time. My PC is connected to speakers and I used my work machine or an iPhone to control the PC. It first went away on the iDevices and now with the latest update also on my PC. On iOS, sometimes after fully closing the app, the now playing bar shows up for a very short time until the notification is shown that I'm currently listening on another device (my PC). 


When I switch playback to the local device, the now playing bar appears right away. As soon as switch playback to the other deivce, the bar disappears again on the iPhone. Occasionally I can restore it both on PC and iOS after switching playback to different devices but it doesn't last and will go away again after a while. 


Please fix. 

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Hey @rstcologne,


Thanks for reaching out.


As a first step, can you please connect the devices to a different network (e.g. a hotspot on your phone) to try and narrow down the possible cause of the issue?  Also, a video of the issue would be very helpful, if you're ok sharing it here (you can also upload it to YouTube or Google Drive).


Keep us posted.

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