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Recently Updated App, Playlists Became Unavailable Offline

Recently Updated App, Playlists Became Unavailable Offline

Hello, Spotify Community! I've had Spotify Premium for a while now with very few issues, but the latest app update (version I downloaded for Spotify on my iPhone 4 seems to have messed things up. I have a lot of my music available offline so I can still listen to it on the subway/flights/otherwise low-service areas, but I noticed that the latest update has made all of my playlists unavailable. As soon as I lose service, all of my playlists say that they're loading and never actually become accessible, which has never been a problem before. Does anyone know if the update included some kind of change to connectivity, or...? Thanks in advance!

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Welcome to the Community satan_desu!


First have you tried a clean reinstallation at all? Are you having trouble on any other devices? 

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