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SOME local mp3 files not syncing to iPhone

SOME local mp3 files not syncing to iPhone




United States


(MacBook Pro / iPhone 7)

Operating System

(MacOS 10.15.1 / iOS 13.1.3)


My Question or Issue

I am trying to sync local files (MP3) from my MacBook Pro to my iPhone, and some are syncing and some not - even from the same album there will be one song that syncs and one that doesn't. It is always the same ones. They show up, but are grayed out. I did notice that the songs not syncing happened to have the longest duration and file size (around 5 MB). They were already set to 160 kbit/s, but I reduced them a little so they were a smaller file size than the ones syncing, but they still would not sync. I have followed all the official directions available and browsed the various threads on this issue and tried countless suggestions, but nothing works. I also have tried downloading these songs to my iPhone itself, but apparently Spotify doesn't have the ability to read media files on your mobile device - only from your desktop computer. PLEASE, Spotify... it really shouldn't be this hard.

2 Replies

I ran into the same exact problem recently. My issues was that the mp3 files had an ".MP3" extension. Apparently Spotify can play the capitalized version of the file on my Mac, but it can't play on my iPhone. I'm not sure if this is your issue, but it's worth a shot.


I also had some files with an errant ".mp2" extension that were causing problems.

Thank you - I checked mine, and they are all lowercase, so that must not be it. Thanks though, was worth a try!

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