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Same song starts to play in middle of every song

Same song starts to play in middle of every song

Hi all,


Over the past week or two I have had an issue where the same song (not in any of my playlists) will play in the middle of a song I am listening to. The song is called "Rain" by Idutzy (attached image). I am unsure if Spotify chose this song to play.


Usually this would happen every 2-3 songs but today I found that I couldn't get through a single song without "Rain" beginning to play at some random point during my listening.


Initially I went into the artist and clicked "don't play this artist". Now in the middle of every song I play, the song will stop and where the song image used to be there is a grey square with a note in it (I usually see this when I open Spotify and no music is playing).


I'm not sure what to do, please let me know if you can offer a solution! I'm on a Free Plan using an iPad Air 2 with iOS 12.4.1.

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same here, i'm premium and without playing a song, suddenly spotify play this, i dunno what to do:(

Im having the same problem now with a different song. (I cant lie) French Montana. Its not in my playlist and I don't even like the song!

Hey @speed23947,


Thanks for posting in the Community and welcome.


In this case, make sure Log in to your account page, scroll down, and select SIGN OUT EVERYWHERE. This way you’ll sign out from every device in which your account is open. Additionally, we suggest you follow the steps you can find here to protect your account.

We also recommend checking for anything suspicious on your Account Overview page and removing all apps connected to your account. You can easily reconnect the apps that you use whenever you want. If you notice anything suspicious you can remove it with the REMOVE ACCESS button.

Lastly, it's possible you have some other playlist or songs in the queue ready to start playing. So, we'd recommend you check if there's something on the queue to play next. If yes, you can clear the queue, you first have to locate it by following the steps in this article. Then you can hit the Clear queue button to see if you notice any difference.


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