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Save a song without it showing as a saved Album

Save a song without it showing as a saved Album

When I save an album, I want to be able to find and play that entire album when going to the albums list in my library.  What I find when going to the album section in my library are the albums of all of the individual songs I decided to save in the 'song's section, AND vice versa.  For example, I go to the Albums section, see an album that I would be interested in hearing in its entirety and when I make that selection I may find it is only one song that I once chose to save.  Same goes when I go to "songs".  I believe the ONLY selections in the 'Songs' list should be the ones I specifically 'liked', not entire albums. I may want to simply "shuffle" all of the songs I like without that list being filled with album tracks.  


Am I doing something wrong, or is this something that the developers can improve?

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You're right, it would be better if in 'Songs' showed only the individual ones and in 'Albums' only the full albums that you saved. Try to propose it in the 'Ideas' section.



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