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Saved song section is gone

Saved song section is gone

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before the update the library had a section for saved songs but now after the update that has changed to the favorites playlist. But since all my saved songs were saved as entire albums they don’t show up in the favorites playlist. Is there a way to see the saved songs on the new update or do I just have to add all the songs I have to a playlist?


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Hey @Xxcookieking, welcome to the Community.


You came to the right place!

The new UI now has all of your saved songs in Favorites. Don’t worry, they are all there. If you have a lot you may have to wait until they show up.

Deskopt apps of Spotify are still the same so your songs will be in Songs folder. You can create a playlist to back them up.

If you need help, just give me a shout 😉


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