Search feature not loading on iphone 4

Search feature not loading on iphone 4

Spotify premium. All other features work, but Search never loads the screen. No alerts from Spotify. Anyone else?

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Same thing is happening on my iPhone 4s...I'm doing the 30 day trial, and if this doesn't work/get fixed I will cancel.  Hello?  Spotify?  Are you listening?  Solutions?

Ditto. I have a 4S and when I hit search I just get the spinning thing. Spotify Premium subscriber. I've tried shutting Spotify down and restarting, restarting the phone, nothing helps, can't search at all.


Spotify, anything? 

Having the same issue for like 2 months now, please take care of the people that pay for your service, everything else is great, please fix the search issue on the iOS app!!!!!! PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Same problem here using the 4S (iOS 6) and 30 day trial. 

A hard reset solved the problem.

Thanks for the suggestion. But hard reset of what? The phone? Or do you mean uninstall and reinstall the app?

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