Searching on iOS a jumbled mess

Searching on iOS a jumbled mess


Brand new to Spotify. I am using an iPhone 7 with latest updates. Utilizing the search function in the app is a jumbled mess! I can’t read anything. I honestly can’t believe it it’s so bad. Is anyone else having this issue? Know of a fix? Thank you.

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Hi FF4Christ,

Are you please able to provide a screenshot of the viewability problem you are experiencing?


Jarred 🙂


Sure. Hope it works 



i have the same issue...any resolution?????



Yes! Change your font size! It worked for me! Good luck!


I am having the same issue. I have always had large font on my phone and it was never an issue so the font size shouldn't be the issue. Yes, making font smaller fixes the problem but this has never been a problem in the past and I don't want to make my font smaller. Any ideas?


I have the same problem and agree with you.  I've always used a larger font without issue.  This must be a bug in the latest version of Spotify.


I changed the font size as suggested (just a bit smaller and I have a bad eye) and it was still good - for my eye, and FIXED the spotify jumbled list problem.

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