Show Related Music gone from Player in 0.7.2


Show Related Music gone from Player in 0.7.2


I have and when playing a song it will show related songs below, and alow a "fast preview" of those songs too, my girlfriend has and it seems gone there. This is a fantastic feature I use all the time, but I fin no reference at all to it on th web....


Also under Setting - Playback there is a setting:

Mini-Player Recommendations

Show Recommendations


That is gone in 0.7.2


I dont want to upgrade now, so can anyone explain this feture removal, and if it will come back? 




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That's spotify- different users get different features, by luck of the draw, until the features are "rolled out" to everyone.  What you're talking about was part of the 0.7.1 release from 7/2 that has yet to reach all users, despite the fact that the latest release is 0.7.2.  Its part of the "shiny new now playing view" you can see in the 0.7.1 release notes.  I don't have it either yet- after over a month- and I'm not a happy customer.  It may be a neat way to release upgrades from a technical perspective, but unless it's done relatively quickly, it's a poor way to release upgrades from a customer satisfaction perspective.  

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