Shuffle All Songs

Shuffle All Songs




Why in the latest update have you removed the function to shuffle all songs?


I don’t want to set up a playlist of all my songs, that’s daft.


looks like Apple Music here I come 



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Yes, this **bleep** me off too. What a bad surprise!

It´s 50% the way i listen my music on Spotify. I thinked the same about change to Apple Music.  😞

They either bring it back in the next update or I am off..


same here, you dont always know what youre in the mood for and shuffle all songs/artists/albums is the way to go, since the artists arent alphabetized and you cant shuffle all albums or artists or songs, i feel im missing on my music im not a library thats why i have spotify to organize it all, shuffling and being able to see all the artsits/songs we have is very helpful please fix 🙂


Agree I want to shuffle all my library not just what I have as favourites..


Sorry but really bad upgrade 


Seriously pissing me off with this update. 


Quite unbelievable why Spotify have removed the ability to shuffle on all songs. It seems the way of most apps. they reach an optimum point in their development, then to justify further updates they mess up up perfectly useful functionality. I am now looking to move to another app after paying £10 per month for many years. 


If it isn’t broken, DONT fix it!!!





By the way. I finally quit, after years of premium. Now i shuffle my music in Apple Music, as always. 

Bye Spotify, good luck with your podcast thing.


Has there been a fix to this. I only "like"

certain songs. Others I have in my library that are not liked.  So frustrating!! I used to shuffle my library every day at work!


I have gone to Apple Music now, they have lost my business.

I find it absolutely terrible that this function used to exist and it got removed. 


If I have 5000 songs downloaded, and I want to shuffle through them all, why on earth is that dependant upon me liking them all?


If this is intended, then it's a juxtaposition as it eliminates the need of liking any song. 



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