Shuffle Explanation Needed

Shuffle Explanation Needed

I fully realise that the massive eyecatching Shuffle Button has caused much discussion, and for me it has raised it's ugly head once again - I was free from it on my much earlier version, but when I updated my iPad App yesterday - there it was - the MOST PROMINENT BUTTON on the whole screen - darn it !!! Apart from the fact that it spoils the whole appearance of what otherwise seems to be a really good looking App (Love the white on black - must save tons of battery power).

My question is WHY do the boffins at Spotify think this darned shuffle button is SO important? I compile playlists to be played in a specific order, and I believe record producers mix albums to be played in a specific order etc etc, so PLEASE, being as it has become clear to me that this unneccessary eyesore is not being withdrawn any time soon, would someone explain why the shuffle feature has to be SO prominent (and so easy to hit unknowingly) - I would REALLY like to know. So would someone PLEASE explain the method to this MADNESS - THANKYOU !!!

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Hey @SoundHound and welcome to the community!


You might be interested in the following submission of our ideas exchange: Please leave your comments/kudos there to support the idea (and fight for the removal of the shuffle button).


But let me say in my opinion it's great. It don't has to be that big and prominent, right, but on the go I always shuffle my music and I think I'm not the only one that manages it like that 😄

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