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Shuffle playlists only playing first 100 tracks

Shuffle playlists only playing first 100 tracks






iPhone SE

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iOS 11


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Since getting a chromecast audio, my iPhone Spotify will only play the first 50-100 tracks from my playlists, many of which are 500-1000 tracks long. This happens all the time, whether I’m using Spotify connect or not. I’ve tried uninstalling and reinstalling, tried logging out on all devices - neither of these worked. I use playlist shuffle every day - please help! It’s driving me mad. 

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Hey @Reanspot, welcome to the community!


Currently devices that use Spotify Connect (like your Chromecast Audio) will only receive the first 100 tracks in your playlist. If you'd like this changed, feel free to post an idea in the Ideas board for the community to vote on.


Thanks, hope this helps!

I understand that this is a limitation with chromecast (which certainly
needs to be fixed, but that’s one for the ideas board as you said), but why
is it happening when I’m not using chromecast?

Hey @Reanspot,


Are you by chance using your PC to control your iPhone via Spotify Connect? If so, that also has the limitation present (this includes controlling your PC via your iPhone as well).

I think I have the same problem. Playing a playlist- whatever song I select, after it ends it skips back to the top of the list (both on and off shuffle).

I am playing from my iphone and also have the desktop app open. But this was never a problem before. And either way is a ridiculous problem.

No, just standard iPhone and wired headphones. ##- Please type your reply
above this line -##

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