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Siri doesn't recognise Spotify

Siri doesn't recognise Spotify

Hi I'm sorry for posting here as I know there are other forums for same subject but still been unsuccessful.

Siri won't recognise Spotify, it sometimes hears it as spotty five and when I edit it it tells me I have no app called Spotify.

I've tried saying "launch spot" and other variations of the word as suggested in other forums but still have no luck.

Any ideas? I only use Spotify for music and have no other music synced to iPhone 5s so bit annoying to have to manually open it when using headphones
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I know this is an old post, but the issue still exists. I have an iPhone 6 plus running ios 10 (I keep up with the latest software updates). I have found an intersting workaround for this issue: Siri seems to work better if you seem angry. For example, the response to "Open Spotify" is: "Sorry, I can't do that because I can't find 'music' on your iPhone. But you can restore it from the App Store." (I have the music app disabled on my phone)


Interestingly, Siri responds to my request if I say: "Open the f***ing spotify app". I know it sounds strange, but it works. Occationally, this doesen't work, so I have to come up with more ways to tell siri to open spotify using explicit language. This is a serious antitrust issue that spotify should pursue. If anyone else is having this issue, try explicit language or a more angry tone of voice. It usually works for me

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