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Siri eyes free doesn't work with Spotify

Siri eyes free doesn't work with Spotify

Just had siri eyes free installed in my 2014 honda accord. It works well except when spotify is open, which is most of the time. When I press the button on my steering wheel to activate siri, it never activates. It pauses spotify briefly and then it returns to the music. This does not happen with pandora or the default music player. I have reported this to spotify support as well.

I am on an iPhone 5s with ios 7.1 and the latest version of spotify
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I'm having this same issue. Siri eyes free tries to start, spotify pauses, siri starts & immediately stops & spotify takes back over. If all the variables are the same except spotify being replaced with pandora/some other music app, I have no issues.

Try creating an idea at Spotify Idea Exchange:

It will bring attention to the developers and get people to give it a kudo!
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