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Siri on AppleWatch does not work

Siri on AppleWatch does not work







Operating System

(newest versions at time of writing for OSes and Spotify App)


My Question or Issue

Siri on the Apple Watch to play a Song on Spotify no longer works on the watch after the latest OS-Updates (to 17.1.1 and 10.1.1). It worked before, works still on the iPhone directly and Siri on the watch works for all other apps.


I tried restarting the apps, reinstalling the apps and recoupling my watch to my iPhone.


Any ideas what I can do?


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New Zealand


iPhone 15 Pro Max

Operating System

iOS 17.2


My Question or Issue

If you ask Siri to "add X to the queue on Spotify", Siri replies with "Spotify has not added support for that with Siri." I expected it to add the song to the queue.

If you ask Siri to "play X next", Spotify will play the song immediately, overwriting the currently queue or playlist. I expected it to add the song to the queue.


Confirming that the issue has resurfaced. This is really annoying. Spotify needs to create a permanent fix. 

Hey folks, 


Thanks for the reports. 


For anyone still experiencing this issue, make sure to send over the info that @AlejaR previously requested. It's important that you provide the info up to date so that we can forward your reports to the right teams.


We'll be on the lookout.

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Make/model: Apple Watch SE 2nd generation, model A2727 (Cellular, 44mm, US/CA)

WatchOS: 10.2 (21S364)

Spotify Version


Troubleshooting steps follows:

- Restarted iPhone (iPhone 14 Pro Max)

- Deleted and reinstalled Spotify app on watch

- Wiped and restored watchOS 10.2

- Deleted and reinstalled Spotify app (v8.8.96.395) on iPhone


You cannot use the Spotify watchOS app to play a specific song.


Here is a video of the issue:

Is there any update on this issue? The Spotify Apple Watch app still won't accept song requests via Siri. 


Please advise.

I am also experiencing this issue. Apple Watch Series 9 on 10.3.1 with an iPhone 15 Pro running iOS 17.3.1. Spotify app is on version 8.9.14. I have reinstalled the apps and restarted both devices. Same issue. 

  • Apple Watch model A2352
  • Apple Watch OS 10.3.1(21s651)
  • Exact Spotify version .8.9.16
  • iPhone model  iPhone 15 pro 
  • iPhone oS 17.3.1 

sane issues as others. If I ask Siri to play a Spotify playlist then Spotify loads on my  watch  and then asks me to connect a bluetooth device.  Using the Spotify buttons on my watch (play pause etc) alll works fine.

the only way I’ve found  to fix this is delete Spotify off my watch and then reinstall it and it will work until the next time I power off my phone or watch and then I have to do it again. This is incredibly annoying and has been happening on and off for over a year. It seemed to have been fixed with an update a while back but now happens everyday. 


I am facing this issue as well. Is there any resolution been almost two months since last comment. Thanks. 

This issue has been super frustrating indeed. There is a quick fix that has worked for me in the last two weeks (I'm not sure how long this will be functional, however). 


Follow these steps:

  • Open the Home/App View on your Apple Watch
  • Long press on the Spotify app icon, then click the 'X'. Delete the app.
  • Ask Siri (on your watch) "Open App Store"
  • Search for the Spotify app and install it.

The app should now be able to recognize all of your voice commands.


Please post back if these steps help remedy the issue for you.



Hey folks,


Thanks for sharing the requested info and apologies for the radio silence.


Can you confirm this happens with the latest version of the app? If yes, send over your exact version so we can relay the most up to date info to our tech team for further investigation.


Thank you again for your help!

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Same thing happening to me. Been happening for quite some time now. Only time it works is on a fresh install or every now and again when it wants to. I have an iPhone 13 Pro Max with an Apple Watch Series 6 Product Red 44mm

This issue is still happening for me. Every time I turn off my apple watch, once I turn it back on I need to reinstall Spotify on the watch for Siri commands to work. If I don't reinstall then Spotify on my watch just prompts me to connect a bluetooth device to the watch. i just want to use   Siri to control spotify on the phone.
This worked before why is it so broken now and has been for such a long time? 
apple watch model:A2352

apple watch OS (10.4 21T216)
phone: iPhone 15 Pro
Phone iOS:  17.4.1.
spotify version on phone :



iPhone 13 Pro
Make/Model Apple Watch Series 9 MRMP3CL/A
Watch OS 10.4(21T216)
iOS version 17.4.1
Spotify Version -

Troubleshooting steps

-Replaced Watch from Apple store
-Reset both phone and Watch
-Deleted the app from both watch and phone then re-installed

Video Link 

This issue has been happening from the moment I S9 launched until now. I kept hoping a new update would fix it but it never did. Multiple reddit posts about this until I found spotify forums. 

@MihailY @Novy @AlejaR

Still no update on this? 
Latest iOS and latest WatchOS. App is updated to the latest version too and the problem still exists. I sent a video as requested. 20 days ago now. 

I have the same issue on Apple Watch Ultra LTE. This is a main feature for we watch users since there's no way to search for songs directly from the watch, other than with Siri. It should deserve more attention from the development teams than it has. I've experienced it working and then not working on various occasions over the past several months, with not working, more often than not.

Spotify version 8.9.50 Watch OS 10.5 (Apple SE watch)


Ask to play a song on Spotify. Siri: "Spotify has not added Siri support for this"


This is really**bleep**, is Apple doing this on purpose in order to force people towards Apple Music (which of course runs perfectly fine)? This future was always supported since I bought my apple watch..

I've been experiencing the exact same issue for over a month across all my Apple devices. I run daily and rely on Siri to control music on Spotify, but suddenly, when I asked Siri to change the song, it started saying it can't do that at the moment, even though it used to work. Now, I can't do anything at all – when I say "Hey Siri, play some music on Spotify," it responds with "Spotify has not added Siri support for this" Even if I manually open Spotify and say "Next song," it says Spotify isn't supported. It seems like Spotify has completely lost Siri support. Could the developers please comment on this? When will it be fixed? Should we switch to Apple Music?

Again they asked for a video and for us to show them what is happening. I provided it more than a month ago and all we get is crickets. 

I used to use this to control my audio whilst cycling. I'm resorting to trying to control via my watch face which as you can imagine is, let's say, sub-optimal. Come on Spotify, safety first and all that ;-/

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