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Skipping tracks

Skipping tracks

My Spotify started skipping songs today on my IPhone 6. They start playing and after 10 secs they change songs. I have premium and if I can't fix this issue I will have to cancel my membership.
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I would try either shutting your phone all the way off by holding the power button and then powering it back on, or I would try uninstalling and then reinstalling the Spotify app itself.  Also, if you have access to a computer, try loggin in and seeing if you have the same problem on that platform.  If you do, then there might be a problem with your actual account.

Have the same problem, as I just described in another thread. I have tried those steps, and spotify works fine on my computer, and my ipad. I have also uninstalled spotify and shutting down the phone all the way before installing the app again, but it doesn't work.


I keep reading about people having this issue, have the guys at spotify given any reponse to anyone about this?

Update: My app is running fine now. What I did was to delete my biggest playlist (I shared them with my husband so that he could share them back to me later). I also deleted all saved tracks from the library. Then it worked fine, and I started to import my lists again and now it works flawlessly. However, I believe that it might got something to do with playlist for local files. I haven't recreated any of those playlists. Those are playlist for local files I have on the computer but not on my phone. Perhaps this is the issue?


Do you guys have such playlists? if so, does it work better if you remove them from the phone?

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