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Some Songs in playlist are not playing

Some Songs in playlist are not playing

So I have a playlist full of 100 songs however not every song is being playing, I press shuffle and on the list of songs playing only a few songs are listed, not the full 100. Once I get to the last song the playlist restarts. Is there a way to get every song playing?
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Hi, and welcome to the Spotify Community!


Do you have a working WiFi internet connection when you try to play these 'unplayeble' tracks?


If you are on a cellular connection make sure that you carrier doesn't block the use of Spotify.

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All the songs can be used off line just not all of them are listed when I hit shuffle, only a select few

That's strange 😞


I can't reproduce the error, this hopefully means that it isn't a big bug. You could try re-installing the application and then re-install. 


Hopefully this will help shuffling your songs a bit more 😉

What's a Spotify Rock Star?

Re-installed and it still does it, my shuffle only plays 101 songs out of my 118



i have the same issue. Some Songs are not synced for offline hearing. Some of these i can hear on WIFI but the most doesnt work. I see its running but i cant hear anything. Addiatonally to say its only on my Ipod Touch, Android and Windows runs fine

For me it's different, like I know I have 120 songs but it only shuffles and plays less (last time I counted 101)

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