Some downloads are not working in offline mode

Some downloads are not working in offline mode





iPhone XS

Operating System

iOS 14


My Question or Issue:


This has happened every few months, my downloads become seemingly corrupted, and won't play without an internet connection. I would like to avoid a clean install as it is a pain to download 20+GB of music again, as well as syncing my Local Files again into their respective playlists.


This is quite an issue since this occurs randomly, so I would like to not have to deal with this after realizing I've eaten through almost half my data cap because my downloads were actually being streamed while I'm in the car.



edit: screw it I redownloaded spotify, this is a PITA as the only few reasons I use Spotify is because of the EQ, Device Manager, and Group Sessions. I'm genuinely considering switching over my playlists over to Apple Music for offline use, and Spotify becomes strictly for whenever I need to cast something.

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