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Something Went Wrong


iPhone XR

iOS 12.4


Started Spotify and got "Something Went Wrong"

I can get to playlists and all other things just not Home

Cleared the Cache, restarted the phone, restarted again, deleted Spotify and reinstalled (thanks for that I need to download all songs again)

Then restarted, cleared the cache, restarted Spotify.....





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I had to go into offline mode to get my downloaded albums to load and play.

XS Max here with premium subscription, ios 12.3.1. Same thing on home paage. Both on home and work WiFi, have plenty of memory left.

I have the same issue too, tried to log out and back in again but doesn’t work.

I have 5 seppperate accounts on different devices and all have the "Something went wrong" on the home page. However I am able to play my playlists.

I got the same problem today, not sure if the server is down?

Just adding another message with the hope that Spotify will fix soon. I just uploaded the newest version (iOS) and no change, same problem is happening. 


iPhone SE and iMac

Keeps saying 'Something went wrong' in Home, and 'Browse isn't working right now' in Search. Logged out and back in on both devices, removed and re-installed on phone. Internet connection is working fine.

Came here to see what was up. Glad it's not just me...

When is Spotify going to contact us on how to fix this issue???

Same issue here. 

I'm having the same problems on an iPhone 6.  When trying to get to the HOME, or ALBUMS page, it just times out or says "SOMETHING WENT WRONG".  If I try to go to playlists, it does work.  Things I have tried: updating app (no help), power off/on phone (no help), deleting app and reinstalling (no help), clearing cache (no help).  I usually listen to albums, not playlists, so this is extremely aggrevating.  wth spotify, get with the program or I am going to switch to Apple Music.  

Update, mine works now.

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