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Something changed with using iPhone as a ”remote” and I’m **bleep**

Something changed with using iPhone as a ”remote” and I’m **bleep**







iPhone 6s

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iOS 12.3


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I play a lot of video games. I listen to Spotify a lot when I play video games. What I always liked about Spotify on my phone was when I connected my Spotify on my phone to play on my Ps4, the app changed from the regular Free look(shuffle only etc.) to more like the Ipad version(could switch between shuffle and normal play, could skip how many times I wanted, could choose which song I wanted to play, It obviously still had ads but it doesn’t really bother me).


Well, not anymore.


I don’t know what update did it, but now when I connect my phone’s Spotify to my Ps4, the iPhone app stays the same, as I’d be listening through my phone. This completely ruins Spotify on Ps4, because I(and I imagine many others) use a phone or something else to navigate Spotify while playing games. Now it just feels clumsy and stupid to actually go to the Ps4 Quick Menu to directly choose a song I want to play.

I’ve attached a screenshot from my phone showing I’m connected to my Ps4 but the app is still looking like the regular, mobile only Free Version.

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Hey @Tazmo99, welcome to the Community.

Hope you're doing great!


That feature is only available for Premium users.

If you haven't tried Spotify Premium before head over here to claim your trial.

Have a great day! 🙂


What do you mean it is only available to Premium users? You don’t understand. Everytime until about this week, when I connected my Phone’s Spotify to play music on my Ps4, my phone’s Spotify app would look more like the one on iPad/insert tablet here. But now after idk what update, it doesn’t do that anymore. How can you even say it’s available to Premium users only, when Free users like me have had it like this for a long long time, and now you take it out and say it’s for Premium users only?? And there was not even any info about a change like this. My BS meter is goin off the charts and the readings are the when pointing at your comment.


When I connected my Phone’s Spotify to my Ps4’s, my app change to look like the Tablet version. I could choose the song I wanted to play, all that stuff, and I’d still have ads of course because I’m not a Premium user. AND when I disconnected my Phone’s Spotify from my Ps4, my phone’s Spotify would change to look like the normal, free version, with 6 skips/hour, shuffle only, etc.


Now if I want to do all what I COULD do on my phone while connected to the Ps4, I have to use my iPad, which is really F-in clumsy to use while playing a game compared to a normal phone.


I want an actual, well thought out answer to this, not something that looks and feels like an emotionless, automated ”couldn’t give two shits” kind of a reply. All I want is for me, a free user, to listen to music on my Ps4 while playing games, and changing the song/adding songs to the song queue with my phone, with the occasional ads, which I usually don’t mind to be honest.


Now, an actual answer. Please. And if there’s something you don’t understand about my question, feel free to ask some questions.

Hey @Tazmo99,


Sorry for that, it seems I had an issue with my Spotify app as I am in Beta but after the reinstall my Connect works as intended.


Could you try a clean reinstall of the app? Follow the steps here.


Let me know how that goes 🙂

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