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Song List Missing






iPhone 8, Desktop

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iOS 12.1.14, Windows 10 Enterprise 

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Ever since Spotify updated to version 8.4.94, my song list is missing. It seems to have been replaced by "Favorite Songs." However, I had probably around 800 songs in my previous songs list in my Library, but now I only have around 400 songs in my favorite songs list. I lost a ton of music and I can't find any of it. When I go to an album I know I had saved in my Songs list, it says "saved," but none of the songs are in my favorite songs list. Does anyone know how to access my songs list from before the update? Thanks.

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Hey, maybe try logging on to Spotify on your PC.

Go to your profile and click 'account'. This should take you to a webpage where there will be a 'recover playlist' section. Maybe see if your list in there.

Hope you find it!

I tried logging in on my PC and it says the same thing; Favorite Songs seems to have replaced Songs. I also went into the Recover Playlist section of my account, but it's not there, either. 😞 Thank you, though.

Here's a screenshot of my Spotify from my PC:


By the way, that My Songs playlist was made so I could transfer all my saved songs from my library into a separate playlist, but I couldn't do that because I can't find the rest of my songs.

IM ON THE SAME BOAT MAN**bleep** is annoying and I felt like I wasn’t the only user this was happeneing to, but now I see you have it too. It’s sucks BAD. I don’t know what to do as well honestly and if you go on my profile you’ll see my issue with it as well. But that being said I’ll be watching this thread closely. 

Have you found the solution yet by any chance?

I haven’t found a way to get my song list back necessarily, but, I did find that there are more artists in the Artists section of my library than there are in my Favorite Songs list. so, I realized all the songs I used to have are probably there, just separated by artist. I went on Spotify on desktop and manually saved each song to my library, and then added all the songs by each artist into a playlist and was able to get all my songs back that way (all 1,400 of them!). I hope that helps!

Okay I’ll try doing that thanks man ! I’m really hope it works

No problem! Let me know if it works for you!

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