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Songs not available on my phone

Songs not available on my phone

Need some help - i have about 900 songs in my 'starred' playlist which all appear on both my laptop and phone. However, about 300 of them won't play on my phone. They all play on my laptop and it has been synced and made available offline but these 300 or so just do not play on my phone. Any ideas?

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Hi Closey,

Are the 300 songs that won't play local files to your laptop? Are you seeing an error when attempting to play? Also, what version of iOS are you using?

More information like the above may help the community find a solution to your issue.


No, they're all songs I've downloaded on Spotify. The problem seems to have arisen since I bought my iPhone 6 and restored from the backup I took from my iPhone 5. I'm using the latest version of iOS (8.4)

I am having a very similar problem. With my premium account, i am not getting all songs "available offline". for example, very few of my NeedToBreathe songs are available offline. even though i have the artist and all albums set to "available offline", they still will not play for me on my iPhone 6. Some songs are availeble, while most are not.... when im paying to have them all available....

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