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Songs on playlist not showing on iOS

Songs on playlist not showing on iOS

I have made a playlist from all my favourite songs on itunes in spotify desktop, currently over 4000. This showed on my iOS app with no problems then suddenly today it shows as only having 700 songs and is using an older title for the playlist. Every other playlist I have made is working fine.

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Hey @see_k,


Hmm, strange! To check, let us know:


  • What device you're using
  • What version of iOS it's on
  • What version of Spotify it's running
  • Did this change occur after any updates?
  • Is the playlist entirely made up of Local Files?
  • Is this the only playlists that features Local Files?

We'd also suggest reading more about Local Files here. Be sure that both the devices are running on the same WiFi and that you have the right Sources enabled for local files. 

Hope this helps! Keep us posted with the above info if you're still running into difficulties.


Thanks for the reply Jack, I ended up deleting the app off my phone completely then opening desktop app before reinstalling. This seemed to resync all the playlists and it hasnt happened again. Could have just been a one off glitch with one of the new iOS updates.

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