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Songs skip like a scratched CD

Songs skip like a scratched CD




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My spotify is frequently skipping, like a scratched CD.  I now pop my ear buds out when it goes quiet for 1-2 seconds, because I know the 5-10 seconds of skipping/ distorted audio is incoming.  It sometimes resurfaces later in the song, but not that often.  It's a minor thing considering the frequency of it, but it isn't going away and it's triggering my OCD.  Has anyone else experienced something like this?
I have an iPhone 6S, running the latest version of the Spotify app.  I've reinstalled the app numerous times in the hope that it would fix the skipping, but it hasn't had any effect.

It consistently skips when I select a new song, ~20-25 seconds in.  If I've left the playlist going for a couple songs, then the issue usually won't present itself again until I select a new song.  After the first skip and resulting distortion, it is much less intermittent, but no less annoying.

Restarting the song doesn't help, the distortion will still happen.

I've tried different types of headphones, thinking it might be an issue with the 3.5mm connection, but it doesn't make a difference.  I get the same effect via wireless bluetooth Solo 3 Beats Headphones.  It also happens in my car when I'm connected via USB.  Although sometimes I get the skip minus the distortion in my car (which is great!)

What makes this sooo irritating is the predictability of it.  I sense it coming, and it prevents me from enjoying the song.  I instead get frustrated and motivated to write this complaint.  This is definitely NOT an experience that I want to pay for...
Any recommendations or advice would be very much appreciated.
Thank you!
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Bump.  One thing I want to add is that all of my songs are downloaded on my phone, so I would think the issue has nothing to do with connectivity.


And is there a way to submit a support ticket or is this forum the only available resource?  How do I get a Spotify rep's eyes on this?


Does Spotify have any kind of device logging that might help shed light on this issue?  Would it help if I recorded the issue on another phone, and linked the video here?



Hey @pojo132.


Thanks for raising this with us and for keeping us posted. It really does sound quite frustrating! Let's see what we can do.


Since you mentioned all the songs in question are downloaded for offline listening, have you tried re-downloading them? 

If you could post a video of what's happening, that would be really awesome 🙂


Looking forward to hearing back from you,



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