Songs stopping after a minute and app refreshing

Songs stopping after a minute and app refreshing




United Kingdom 


iPhone 11 Pro 

Operating System

iOS 14.1


My Question or Issue

When I leave the Spotify app, whatever song I have on stops playing after about a minute and the app automatically refreshes. I’ve deleted the tab, logged out and in again, deleted the app and reinstalled, shut my phone down and nothing has worked. I really don’t understand why I can’t listen to a song through without it cutting out randomly. Hope someone can help 🙂 

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Hey hey @serenbrockway!


Thanks for reaching out. This sounds a bit odd and we'll do our best to help you out here.


We just want to make sure that when you've reinstalled that app you've followed all the steps here. This will ensure that any old cached files that might be causing issues are removed.


If that doesn't do it for you, could you let us know if this happens both in online and offline modes?


We'll also need to know if this persists on all your devices and their models and OS version.


Keep us in the loop here.

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I also have the same problem, it has started today. If you find a solution or already found a solution, please leave it here for the sake of humanity.

So have I

Same, I noticed, this only happens since today and only with a specific playlist, when the phone is locked. If I leave the phone unlocked, it won't crash. If I play the same songs in a different playlist and lock the phone, the app also doesn't crash. So I'm highly confident that something broke older playlists or  their playback.

😱 Me 2 …. after 1 minute, spotify shuts down .. and i starts to get a slight panic ..i always listens to music & now you start to get damn annoyed that it does not work. I has restarted the mobile, downloaded a new fresh spotify app but still it shuts itself off !!!!


I has Iphone 13 with iOS 15.1 


So I was having the same issue and I was so sad (I listen to a LOT of music at work and I figured today was going to be extra long without it). I chatted with someone on the help line and here’s what fixed it for me:

1.) clear cache and then log out of Spotify on the app

2.) go to settings > general > storage > Spotify 

3.) click “offload app” and then “delete app”

4.) make sure the app is no longer on your phone

5.) turn off iPhone and then turn back on after 10 seconds

6.) reinstall from app store

7.) log back in

Hope this helps someone else!! 

Yeah Tnx .. now its working 🙏🏻

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