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Songs that have multiple artists no longer display all names

Songs that have multiple artists no longer display all names

For the last week, maybe more, when a song has multiple artists, Spotify has started to only display the first artist that appears in the list. It acknowledges different artists when simply looking at a song, like this:



But when you actually play a song, it just looks like this:



Up until a couple of weeks ago, it used to show all the names; it used to scroll, much like when you hover over the song on the dekstop version.


I don't know why it's suddenly changed, but it's quite annoying not being able to see, at a glance, which artists are also on the song. It also impacts how names are displayed when playing through my car stereo—again, it only shows the name of the first artist, like in the examples provided above.


Is there a way to get the scrolling names back—like, is there a setting I haven't been able to find? Or is it going to be a case of hoping Spotify fixes things in a newer update? I would love to know the reasoning either way. Thanks.

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