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Hey I have some issues with grayed out songs in specific playlists,like the madden music Monday’s playlist.

Some songs are greyed out and I can’t play them,but when I search for this song I can play it regularly...

Those are all explicit songs btw






iPhone 8

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iOS 12.1  


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 Greyed out songs in playlists

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It looks like you have disabled explicit content on your account. You can change it, though, by going into settings>Explicit Content> and then enable the "Enable Explicit Content" option!

No that’s not the problem,I listen to explicit music all the time...
It’s maybe because I live in Germany.##- Please type your reply above this
line -##

It doesn't look like those songs are unavailible in Germany, the only thing I can find that's common among them is that they're explicit. Are there any other songs, perhaps in another playlist that are greyed out like this?

No that’s the point in all other playlist that i am following are mostly
explicit songs and they aren’t greyed out, i don’t get it
Im also over 18 so that can’t be the problem as well ##- Please type your
reply above this line -##

It could be solved by doing a clean reinstall of the Spotify app, this often reloads settings that could possibly cause this behavior. If you're still having issues, check to see if these songs are greyed out on another device (or even the web version). 

I’ll do it later today,but thanks for your help anyways!

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