Songs uploaded from computer wont sync to iPhone

Songs uploaded from computer wont sync to iPhone


I uploaded songs from my computer to my spotify playlist but when i try to play them from my phone it wont play and it says sync is required. im a premium user so i dont see why this would happen

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I am also experiencing the same problem with local files not syncing... though it was previously working before.


Thanks Roger


I had the same problem . What you need to do is to go into your controll panel on your computer, go into system and security, then you go into enable a program into the firewall, scroll down until you see spotify on the list and then you just make sure they have permission by your computer to peform such actions as recognising your i-device and then just reboot spotify and the device should show up. 






You need to sync with your desktop becuase you play local files, follow these steps 🙂

Hope this helped 🙂

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