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Sorry. This radio station cannot be started.


Sorry. This radio station cannot be started.

Sorry. This radio station cannot be started. Please try with something else.


I am getting this error on ios 6. The station plays in the mac app. What's the problem?

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I think from what Spotify support told me that it takes time for your music to generate similar music that a station can be created. I hope it doesn’t take too long for your or mine to generate a radio station.

Good morning, i allready reed all the post and i do not found the answer to fix the problem. any one already fixed it?.


also, Friend activity have the same problem! just like a connection problem.

please Help



best solution !!!!, make e new playlist and get all your songs from old playlist. copy  and paste  by drag all together.delete the old playlist.keep active 7-8 playlist maximum.

yes, my playlist radio has already been created a week ago yet when i came back on the next day and tried to go on the playlist radio it said cannot be started. the radio feature works for all my playlists except this particular one and its very frustrating.

So this was happening with windows 10, desktop app, I got from the microsoft store.  I uninstalled it, then installed the actual EXE app from spotify NOT through the microsoft store and now I can create radio stations immediately and also my friends feed shows up again.

I am glad you were able to resolve that isssue. My Spotify app was installed via the Spotify website it is on my Mac. I still have this issue with two of my "artist" albums. I wonder if I should try uninstall-re-installing it too. 

This worked perfectly for what I wanted. Thank you!

I've been having this issue for a month now!!! I Tweeted and they told me to just re-install reboot, refresh reFN.. this... nothing worked. I think this started the moment this app became a Windows Store install... now I can't get any radio stations from any playlist or songs.... I'm really **bleep** as this was the reason I started paying for Spotify.. to source new music via radio. If this does not get fixed, I'm ending my member ship. 😕

I cannot start a radio station based off of Crash Cuddle's Klaxon album, nor any of its songs. 

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