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Source of local files?

Source of local files?


Premium Duo




iPhone 14 Pro

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iOS 16.3


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On my iPhone, I have about 5,000 songs downloaded that I can play through Apple Music. However, on Spotify, when I enable the "Local Files" feature, it only shows 1,359 songs. Is there a way to show from which source Spotify pulls the local files? The songs that I have on the phone are all legally acquired. They include songs that I uploaded from purchased CDs, but they are now in mp3 format, so assume they should be compatible with Spotify. And I used to be able to play them with a previous version of my phone on the Spotify app, but not anymore since I have my new phone.


Any thoughts on how I can get the remaining ~4,000 songs to show up in the Local Files folder?


Thank you!

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Hey there @sbamberger81,


Thanks for the post.


Head over to this FAQ, and try going through the steps in the article one more time. If you've acquired all your files legally and they worked on your previous phone, they should work on this one as well. 


Note that Spotify doesn't support .mp4 files that contain video, or the iTunes lossless format (M4A).


Let us know how you get on.

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