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Spotify App on iPhone stopped linking with Google Mini

Spotify App on iPhone stopped linking with Google Mini


Spotify IS LINKED!Spotify IS LINKED!

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(iPhone 11 Pro

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(iOS 13.3.1


My Question or Issue: Free Spotify had been working fine for months. A few days ago when giving command to Google Mini to play “relaxation music,” got a response that a different device was being used. NOTHING HAD CHANGED. Unplugged Google Mini & plugged it back in. Tried again and got “Your Spotify Account needs to be linked first.  You can do that in the Google Home App.” Nothing had changed.  Went to Google Home App: SPOTIFY WAS STILL LINKED.  Unlinked Spotify & relinked. SAME MESSAGE ABOUT NEEDING TO LINK ACCOUNT.  Tried this many times, No change. Turned iPhone off & on. No change.  Deleted Spotify app & REINSTALLED (several times).  Linked and unlinked No change. Surfed the web (Spotify & Google): NO change.  In fact, not only could I not find any help, it took a very long time to figure out how to post this thread.  I even posted a one star review on the Spotify App in the Apple App Store....but several hours later the post does not even show up! My internet settings have not changed. All I can figure to do is to completely delete my account and start over....not sure this would help at all.  Is there a live body somewhere (Spotify or Google) to help? PLEASE! SOMEBODY HELP ME.  


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