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Spotify Connect - Yamaha w/iPod, Windows and Mac clients.

Spotify Connect - Yamaha w/iPod, Windows and Mac clients.

Okay, I want to know how I can shut down Spotify Connect from connecting to my reciever when I'm not on the local network.  I can put my iPhone on LTE, and i'm still able to stream music to it.  I unplugged my cable modem, and it stopped.  This is a big problem with me, might even be a deal breaker.  I do not want this to happen, I blocked all ports on my firewall, and nothing stopped it besides unplugging the the network from the cable modem. 


The reason why this is an issue, #1, its a security issue, and I cannot believe that engineers think this is okay, #2, if I have my stereo at a high volume, I wake up the house, and it could blow speakers.  #3, it's a stupid feature, and should'nt happen.  


  I have looked everywhere how to stop this and I found nothing.  Is there anything I can do with this? because Apple Music doesn't do this, because it uses AirPlay.  So I want to find a solution for this issue ASAP.



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