Spotify Connect doesn't list Sonos Speaker


Spotify Connect doesn't list Sonos Speaker




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iPhone 8 Plus

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iOS 12.4.1


My Question or Issue

I was able to use Spotify Connect on Sonos speakers until recently. With the current update, the Sonos speakers no longer show up under “DEVICES AVAILABLE” in the Spotify app. Is this an issue with the app?


I have restarted speaker, phone, router, and tried reinstalling the Spotify app, etc.

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Hey man!


I have *just* registered to use this forum after trawling through four years of this problem for other users...


...I have rebooted my router, removed accounts from phones, reinstalled the App, made sure everything is up to date, re-authorised accounts and followed every other instruction in the book!

This was working on Sunday AM (GMT/UK time)
I had not updated the Sonos App, but the Spotify one has updated.
I can still control the music via the Sonos app with Spotify, but that's not as good as the native Spotify app.


My Android phone can connect to the speaker via the Spotify App no issues at all.

I only have one home network and all phones and speakers have been connected and reconnected to the same network.


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So...I "fixed" it:


Started playing music from my iPhone via the SONOS App

Switched over to my Galaxy A10 SPOTIFY App, then started playing music via that through the speaker

My iPhone Spotify App then flashes up that "Devices Available", so they are!

So my iPhone is now connected direct to my SONOS speaker via the Spotify App.


But, if I have to do this everytime I want to play music via the iOS app, it's going to get annoying real quick