Spotify Connect iphone > Onkyo connects ánd plays, but no sound

Spotify Connect iphone > Onkyo connects ánd plays, but no sound




It took some time, but it IS working now😃 Really hope that Spotify has found a longterm solution and hooefully it is nit just a councidence or short revival 😌







Iphone SE 2020

Operating System

iOs latest


My Question or Issue

spotify connect does connect with Onkyo TX-8130 via wifi, spotify app on iphone looks like it’s indeed playing but THERE IS NO SOUND. Please don’t advice on troubleshooting, since I researched all day. It is NOT the connection, not the volume or mute or the hardware whatsoever (tested it all). It is software-related; either on the side of Spotify or Onkyo. I read about a recent software update/new API that causes problems with older receivers, since Spotify doesn’t support this anymore. I bought my Onkyo in 2018 though and it said Spotify compatible. Can’t be that I have to get rid of a functioning receiver, only because Spotify doesn’t support somewhat older receivers anymore. Not very climate-friendly either (throwing away a product that is functioning ok for the other functions/sources). Spotify has a green policy, I assume? 


I pay € 9,99for Premium, but I can’t stream now 😞 What to do? Go to another streaming service? Wait for a software update and pause Premium? I don’t have nor want to buy another receiver. And I don’t want to pay 10€ per month for nothing 😔 Please help!





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I have the same problem for a few days now. Spotify connects to my TX-NR525 and shows that a song is playing, but there is no sound. I have already tried reconnecting my account on the receiver, resetting the receiver and so on, but nothing has worked. Running Spotify on Android, Pixel 6 Pro.


Any solutions?


Same problem with Onkyo TX-8130. The receiver connects ro Spotify and shows the name of the song on the display, but no sound. Other media sources like Internet radio work. I can stream Spotify from my mobile.


Same problem here with TX-NR616 and actual firmware. Worked like a charm but since a few days it connects, shows title, artist and Thumbnail but doesn't stream anymore. The time stands at 0:00 and there's nothing to hear. vTuner has no problems. Internet connection is oK. 


@Spotify Staff: please, enlighten us. Hate it to not be able to play my music 😔


Please support us Spotify!!! Same here onkyo 535


I do have the same problem with Onkyo TX 8150 since a few days. The device gets connected, the tune is shown on the display but there is no sound. I am paying for a service that I can't use anymore so I urgently expect support from Spotify.


Hi folks,

Thank you for reaching out about this in the Community.


You could try the following troubleshooting:

  • Power-cycling the device(s). Switch off the speaker/ system and leave it be for some time. Power them back up and check if anything changes.
  • Update the speaker firmware.
  • Restarting your router and clearing router DNS cache.

Note that since the software for speakers which are Spotify Connect compatible is developed by the speaker manufacturer and not directly by Spotify, if they introduce a firmware update or change, this may cause certain features to not work properly. In which case is also a good idea to contact the manufacturer support about this as well.


Keep us posted on how you get on.

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I have the same issue now with Samsung Note 10+ with a Samsung Soundbar q990b. I had the same issue in the past in 2021 and it was fixed in a few updates... there is not much you can do about it... all you can do is pray that they fix it sooner.... 


Dear Alex, as you can see here the issue is present on multiple devices, mine is Samsung Soundbar, the other guys talk about an Onkyo. Let me tell you that the issue is from spotify as my soundbar has the upgrade firmware disabled so there was no change in the soundbar software. The only app that was upgraded was spotify... Also i want to mention that you had the same issue in 2021 and you fixed it in a new update... could you please ask your dev team to fix it again? 


Hi Alex,


Done all that. I agree with RedBullOs; these issues are communicated by owners of different brands receivers/multiroomsystems and they all report the same issue since the last Spotify update (17 July it was?). Please pass it on to the right team? 


Hi, how long did it take then back in 2021 to be fixed? Are we talking weeks or months? 


2-3 weeks... 


Exacly the same problem here. Onkyo TX NR-717, worked like a charm until 2-3 weeks ago when it suddenly stopped working.
I've tried legit everything but it seems like I'm not alone with this problem after all.

Please investigate this. 


I have an Argon streamer, same issue.


@Alex: My Onkyo Firmware is dated in 2015. It worked without problems and I didn't change anything. Onkyo will not update this receiver anymore (TX-NR616). To make my Onkyo complete power of (not only power off switch) was the first I tried. But it doesn't stream anymore. It turns on, connects to Spotify, shows artist, title and thumbnail but doesn't play. I don't think that the problem is on my site but I'm open for suggestions.


Guys! My system started working today... you should also try!


Wow! Congrats 🥳 Hope that it will stay that way 😄 Keep us updated please?


checked mine; still doesn’t work 😔


checked mine. Still doesn't work. (Onkyo TX-NR616)


The same Problem here with Onkyo TX-8150. Spotify on iPad and on iPhone looks as if song is playing on TX-8150, but no sound.

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