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Spotify Connect on iPad/Mac Air will not connect to Sonos device

Spotify Connect on iPad/Mac Air will not connect to Sonos device

Hi there

On my iPad via the Spotify Settings - Devices option I can see my various Sonos zones/devices.  But when I select one of the Sonos devices Spotify will not respond and change its output to that device.  I will happily change to another computer or even to the iPad itself, but not to the Sonos device.


This behaviour is also happening on my Mac Air.


It all worked originally but seems to have stopped now.   My Sonos software is up-to-date.  Any advice would be appreciated.




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I have the exact same issue. It only started a few days ago. Did you resolve it? Thanks

No solution as yet.  This way of selecting Sonos devices was a fairly recent change by Spotify, and as far as I can tell there are no options in Settings that give me any control over it.  So I'm sort of stuck.  The alternative is to use the Sonos App to access Spotify.  But the Spotify UI is superior.  I haven't raised a support request pending a response from the Forum. So I'll follow up with that now.



Have found one thing.  On an iOS device, using the Spotify Devices option I can see the Sonos system.  Originally a tap on the required Sonos speaker was sufficient to change the output to that system.  I have observed that if I tap on the ellipsis (...) next to the Sonos speaker it takes me to a black screen with the Sonos device showing at the bottom, along with an option to Group Rooms, and a small arrow. If I click on the arrow the system branches to another screen which lists all my Sonos devices.  I have no idea at all what this is meant to achieve as it still does not allow me to output to Sonos, but it seems related in some way.  Quite bizarre.

Also it seems that there is no option to contact Spotify support.  From what I can see they are funelling all enquiries into this Forum.



Solved - reauthorized Spotify via the Sonos Controller.  Waited half an hour and its working again.

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