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Spotify Family with itunes

Spotify Family with itunes

Hi everyone I currently have an spotify premium account and want to upgrade to family. i read that i cannot do this by paying trhough itunes.

What can i do ? how can i change my payment method ? 


thanks for your time


Alvaro Riquelme

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Hello @alvaro-ru, welcome to the Spotify Community!


You need to cancel your Premium subscription. You can find out how to cancel the iTunes subscription here.


Once you cancel your subscription you can subscribe to the Family plan.

I have the same situation.  I have one question, if I cancel my itunes and sign up with family account, will I lose all my playlists?

No you won't, but there is a catch.  If you cancel your sub through iTunes the sub continues on until the next payment period.  So, for instance, when I cancelled through iTunes I had to wait almost a month for the current sub to run out before I could convert to a Family plan.

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