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Spotify Free via Apple TV on Screen (through iPad)

Spotify Free via Apple TV on Screen (through iPad)

Hi Everyone,


in the web I only found pretty old articles and stuff about streaming spotify on screen via Apple TV.

Is it possible to do so with the free version of spotify? My father uses this one and we don't want to upgrade yet, but net information to decide wether to buy the apple tv or not.


Can you advice if it is possible to stream without having the spotify premium account? Or is there another way to do it legally (I know, this is not an apple community, still hope someone can help).


Thanks in advance

3 Replies

@Passi_Roesler Hey! Welcome to the Spotify Community!

I'm using an Apple TV too!

Yes you can stream Spotify on the TV screen using Airplay Mirroring / Airplay:

As long as your iPad is an iPad 2 or above, you can use Airplay Mirroring (Provided that both Apple TV and iPad is on the same network)

Make sure you update to the latest version of the Spotify app on your iPad for it to work.. Spotify now supports free streaming (ad supported) for tablet devices, so its completely legal.

Check out this Apple article..
PS: It shows an iPhone, but its the same for the iPad too! Pull up from the bottom and follow the steps!



EDIT: If you need to know the differences between FREE vs Unlimited vs Premium versions, here is the comparison chart:

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Thank you for your quick reply! Decision is made and he is gonne have fun with spotify! We'll see if premium is not better suited for him afterall, but good to know it'll work in a few days! Thanks

You don't even need to turn on mirroring - even in a free account - you have to turn on AirPlay after the Apple TV has settled down on your iPad or iPhone - no need to turn on Mirroring - tap the app, go to your chosen playlist, hit Shuffle Play - using the silver remote that came with the Apple TV, on the main screen, select Computers, then, once the music starts, move the cursor up - the songs appear on the screen in the same way they do from normal music or radio apps - even displays metadata and album art - not necessarily the right one - some tracks on compilation albums feature album art from the original artist album - but it's there!

A good visualiser, as mooted by some correspondents, would help - as well as colourful displays, it still tells you what is playing!

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