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Spotify Iphone 5 problems

Spotify Iphone 5 problems

Hey first off i like to say that i love using spotify and i am a premimum member as well.

1)During the weekend i was trying to listen to spotify on my phone in offline mode and my phone kept on stopping during the middle of a track, so i would have to use the slider to play it again. That kept on happening so i decided that i updated the application on my iphone 5. I still had the problem so i just left it to be.Then it wouldn't go to the next song in the list, i would have to do it manually.

2)The playlist i listen to is Monstercat Media which has 300 something songs with 53+ hours of music in the playlist. Well everytime i go to my music tab since the update the playlist wasn't there. So i decided to refollow it since it apperatly unfollowed the playlist i followed, then i listened to it again in offline mode. Now everytime i close and reopen the spotify app i have to refollow the playlist.

3)Now i know to use offline mode you have to download half the music file so it will run offline in the spotify app/client. But i can't remember how you download the file from that song, last time i did i listened to the songs but now it won't work, maybe its because of problem number 2 but i don't really know.


If anyone of you guys could help, that would mean alot to me. 

[For any spotify mod or admin i do own 2 spotify accounts but only membership on one of them, and i do believe this is the account i have membership on. Incase if you guys ask]

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Have you tried restarting the device by holding the home and lock buttons together until the Apple logo appears on screen?

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