Spotify Switches songs randomly!

Spotify Switches songs randomly!

I've had a premium account for a while, but lately a playlist will just switch randomly to a different song. WTF?


I've seen many posts on this... but don't see a solution. I can listen to songs randomly on iTunes radio for free. This has become a dealbreaker for me. Little help?

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Does it do it in the middle of a track?

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I had this problem.


The issue is that the interface is terrible for de-selecting shuffle. You have to select the song info and look for the little interlocking/crossing arrows and de-select that.


This depsite the fact that ther is a very large "Shuffle Play" button showing above your playlist which can only be used to put it in shuffle mode, but never out.


I've had this happen 3 times over the past 2 days. I've never had this problem... but when playing my regular playlists, it'll randomly switch to other songs I've never even played. The first time was in my car and it switched to some Renaissance music and twice today it has switched to this nature sounds album.  So weird.

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