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Spotify app playing on cached speakers

Spotify app playing on cached speakers


So I discovered that I can play music on my neighbors speaker without being on their WiFi. They can do this to me as well. If one of us is over at the other's house, and we are on the other's wifi, we can open the Spotify app and play music to one of their Sonos speakers. If we leave and go home and are on our own WiFi and use the Spotify app, it will play to the last used speaker, which is at the neighbor's house, without needing to be on their WiFi. Is this supposed to happen?











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Hey @robcordeau,


Welcome to the Community. We're happy to lend a hand 🙂


Sometimes Spotify shows devices in close range in Devices Available. Don’t worry, any devices in this list that aren’t yours do not have access to your account.


Since you're on mobile, you can follow the steps here to enable “Show local devices only” so that from now on you should see only devices that are connected to your own WiFi network.


Let us know how you get on 🙂

Have a great day!

Thank you for the response. I’m not worried about the devices having access to my account, but I find it odd that Spotify caches the last device I used and doesn’t try to refresh to find local devices. I tried this out with my neighbor’s Sonos speaker, and after I left his house, I was able to play music on his speaker in his house two days later when I went to work. You see my point right? I should be able to play music on his speaker once I leave his WiFi network, but the app will allow it because it caches the speaker information. 

Hey @robcordeau,


Thanks for your reply.


This is for the convenience of the users so they can connect to their usual devices faster. The devices themselves are secured via the network password, so if you're given access to that the owner also would give you access to the devices connected to it.


We retain a list of recently connected devices for easier and more convenient connection. Devices that you don't connect to for a while will be cleared automatically. If you don't want to see previously connected devices, the option I mentioned before should be turned on 🙂


Have a nice day.

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