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Spotify automatically opening iPhone app when playing from MacBook

Spotify automatically opening iPhone app when playing from MacBook

Okay, so sometimes I will play Spotify from my computer (MacBook Pro), and my phone (iPhone XS) will literally start saying Spotify is playing on my Mac. I do not mind when the phone and computer sync, but if the app is NOT even open on my phone, I do not want it to. It's annoying because I'll be playing from my Mac and then it'll just automatically blast my volume on my phone. I just do not understand why it is doing this when the app itself is closed out from the phone (and yes, I mean closed-closed. Not just on a different app with it open in the background). Hopefully, this made sense. If anyone can help, thanks!

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Same issue for me since a couple of days.
I'm playing spotify on my mac, with the app completly kill on my iphone X and after a few minutes spotify relaunch itself on my iphone putting the sound at maximum volume.
A bit annoying at home but very very annoying when it's at work 😕
I don't even understand how you can relaunch the app on its own, I've closed it like 10 times since this morning and it does not appear on the multitask screen on my iphone X. But I when I click on the app it's clearly launched (no loading, music is reported in the control center)

Hey @ddas25 and @h1fra,


Thanks for posting about this in the Community.


Just to follow up on what you said: how soon after playing something on your computer does the output switch to the mobile device? Also, when you switch it back to your computer after this happens, does it keep switching back to the mobile device?


Do you mind trying a clean reinstall of the apps on both your devices and seeing if that fixes things? If not, then let us know the exact version of Spotify you're running on each of your devices, and we'll take a further look into it.


Thanks! We'll be looking out for your replies.

Hi, I’m having this same issue on iPhone 14 Pro running iOS 17.0.3 and Spotify 8.8.82.


I’ll launch Spotify via my Amazon Alexa speaker group or MacBook but my phone and Apple Watch will always pick up showing that it’s playing Spotify from another device. I’ll quit the app on my phone but it will automatically relaunch the app shortly after even tho it’s playing from Alexa. Super annoying when I’m trying to use my phone. Please fix the constant bug.



Similar problem for me, with Spotify refusing to play on my Mac, and saying Spotify is playing on my iPhone (which it is not). Even after killing the app, I start a song on Spotify on my Mac, the AirPods switched back to the iPhone a couple of times a couple of seconds after starting a song on my Mac, 2-3 times before it finally stopped doing that (clearly the switch was triggered by Spotify, either directly, or from the iPhone absolutely wanting to keep the AirPods for the Spotify app, which had now been killed).

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