Spotify breaks my Bluetooth audio connection to car kit


Spotify breaks my Bluetooth audio connection to car kit

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(iPhone 8

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(iOS 11/12


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Spotify says it is playing on another device and then stops audio out via Bluetooth to the car. The Bluetooth connection remains and I can skip songs via the car although all audio will play thru iPhone only ( all audio from other apps also ). Spotify completely severs the audio out from my iPhone to the car!!!


iPhone settings reset does fix this issue although I am extremely upset that it keeps happening and I can’t keep master resetting my phone so often!!!


 Here is someone described the same issue


I have spotify premium.  Been streaming via bluetooth in my car fine for sometime now.  Drove to dinner listening to spotify...couldn't on the way home.  Spotify plays, but music is output to the Iphone speakers vs. bluetooth (and over car stereo).  I can control spotify with car controls (change songs, etc.) just can't hear it.  Car bluetooth works fine with same device (controls spotify, displays music that is playing and other info, can use phone via bluetooth, etc.).  spotify just outputs to speaker not to bluetooth. 



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I'm facing the same problem with android version.

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Hey @pedrocunhapt and @Ben369,


Have you tried re-pairing the bluetooth connection? If that doesn't help, try reinstalling the app with these steps.


By the way, are you using a built-in app in the car?


Let us know and we'll help you out as much as we can 🙂