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Spotify clearing my offlne playlists when i log in on my iPhone

Spotify clearing my offlne playlists when i log in on my iPhone


I have a premium Spotify account which i pa for monthly. The problem I have is how offline playlists work (or DON'T WORK) on my mobile phone. When i access my spotify account on my phone 90% of the time I get a message saying something along the lines of "you are logged in on more than 3 devices and we cannot connect you at this time" which then leads to all my offline playlist being cleared. When I do log back in my offline playlists have disappeared and I cannot listen to my music.


The problem is that I only have Spotify installed on TWO devices - my phone and my laptop, and no one else has my log in details. I have also changed the password on the off chance that someone has somehow hacked into my account and could be using my Spotify.


Does anyone else have this issue? HOw can i stop it clearing my offline playlists on my phone?

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It sounds like your account has more than 3 offline devices associated with it. Even if you only have 2 devices, sometimes the system can get confused and it you have updated your operating systems or made any systems changes sometimes it creates a new device.


This is not a problem, just drop a message onto this topic asking for your devices to be reset and it should all work again 😉



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