Spotify closing by itself while in background

Spotify closing by itself while in background


After a while in the background the app closes by itself forcing you to tap on the icon again at which point it starts fresh not where you left it. I noticed it does that to reauth your account (apperantly it does that multiple times a day). I know it's not the phone becaue I also use Pandora and it never does this it's always where I left it last time. My issue is I get in my car and music streaming doesn't work because I removed my itunes app and there is no music app active since Spotify is not longer running. So I have to start spotify then turn my bluetooth on/off (to reset my car's stereo) then start the car otherwise nothing works 😕

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Does really nobody else have this problem? Its **bleep**ing stupid and i have this problems for months now


I have the same issue on my iPhone 7+ with iOS 11.2.5 

Ovedrnight it seems to close itself and go to the Home Screen of the app with no song or playlist selected. Consequently every morning I get in the car and no music starts. I have to open the app and try and remember where I was in the Playlist and start all over again by selecting a Playlist and song to start.

So frustrating I may not renew my Premium


Yes thats exactly the problem (also iPhone 7+ on 11.2.5) i have too, but i am not completely sure if this is an iPhone or App problem. Since i switched from Apple Music to Spotify i always have problems because when getting in the car spotify won't start on its own and i always have to reconnect afterwards.

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