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Spotify crashes on load no warning

Spotify crashes on load no warning

Really weird one this, very recenlty Spotify on my iPhone 4s crashes immediately after loading. I deleted the app and reinstalled and all was well. Then I starred some new tracks on Spotify desktop on my Mac and when I tried to load Spotify on the iPhone it crashed as soon as it tried to sync the tracks (my starred playlist is synced offline). I don't want to have to reinstall again as it took ages to re-sync my starred tracks, but now I can't get it to load at all, exits straight after the three little dots come up even though I have un-starred those tracks in the desktop app to stop it syncing. I notice just before it quits that the inbox and local files are greyed out - could this be a clue? I did try some local files a few days ago, but sadly Spotify is so abysmally awful at displaying and even playing (there were gaps between the tracks!!) local files that I quickly gave up and deleted them.
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The only way I can get it to stay loaded is to disconnect the phone from the wi-fi - so it must be something to do with syncing?

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