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Spotify crashes whenever I click "Your Music" after the latest upgrade

Spotify crashes whenever I click "Your Music" after the latest upgrade



After the upgrade (with the fancy new look), it crashes every time I click on "Your Music". Because of this, I can't go to my music, simple as that. Radio, Browse etc. works fine, just not my music. 


A more detailed description, using numbered steps


I deleted the spotify, reinstalled, rebooted my iphone, basically did everything I could. 



What I expected to happen

When I pay $10 a month, I expect it to work 


What actually happened

Well it doesn't work, simple as that. I pay that money to play my music  



My iPad/iPhone model

iPhone 5s 


Device’s Operating System



Is your device jailbroken?



Approximately how many playlists do you have?

About 5. I also synced some local files (about 700) 



My mobile Spotify version


My desktop Spotify version (if applicable)

E.g. 0.8.4.


My provider and country

T-Mobile, US 


My username

don't know



Do you have any screenshots you can attach to more clearly explain your issue?

If so, please paste them here





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Does it open on the web player (on a computer)?

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I'm also using same software and ios version. During last update, when clicking your music, spotify crashes. I cannot sync any music as well. I have two premium account paying 20 a month for nothing.

Same thing happened to me, so I just gave up, and made a new account, have them refund the money, and transfer the playlist and subscribe again 😞 

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