Spotify crashing on iOs 8.1.2 spotify build HELP!

Spotify crashing on iOs 8.1.2 spotify build HELP!

I'm running Spotify Premium on an iPad 2 (WiFi version) with Jailbroken 8.1.2 and am experiencing intermittent crashes (crashes when app is idle, syncing, playing... does not seem to be tied to any one thing)

Things I have tried to NO AVAIL:


-ensuring the Spotify app is the ONLY app running 

-full delete, reintstall (after waiting an hour) -Did not work

-full delete, cache clean, full reset of ipad, wait, reinstall Spotify... did not work

-switched languages/region to different setting and back again (tried both with and without app running) neither worked...


i'm getting pretty fed up here and the ONLY response i've seen to this is the usual "Did you try uninstalling and reinstalling the app? Hurr Durrr"  -YES. I most certainly did... many times.  DID. NOT. WORK.    


As I type this I am watching the app crash randomly as it re-downloads my playlists for offline play (for the millionth darn time)  


Don't get me wrong, i LOVE the app and would LOVE to see it succeed  smoothly, but i can't use it in this condition! Someone please help!!!

that is all.

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