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Spotify disabled while on bluetooth

Spotify disabled while on bluetooth

My carstereo got a built-in spotify app, in there I can't search for songs or artists, only being able to browse through existing playlists and discover etc (which I do understand, from a car-safety point of view) 

So, when I connect my phone to my car bluetooth (kenwood ddx4017bt) my spotify app  on my phone, is disabled, only the spotify logo is shown all over the screen. 


I mean, I should be able to search music through my phone right? I need to disconnect from bluetooth, reboot the app on my phone, search the track I want, and then connect back up. This can't possible be the way its ment to work? Imagine this with passangers who all want to queue song after song. 


Hopefully someone got a solution to this problem, since I really wanna continue to use spotify. 

Best regards. 


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Nobody got a solution for this? 

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