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Spotify does not work on iPhone anymore - but no issues on other iOS devices

Spotify does not work on iPhone anymore - but no issues on other iOS devices

Hi all,


For a couple of weeks, I am having problems with Spotify on my iPhone. It first started that whenever I started playing a song, it would stop a couple of seconds before the song was over and not automatically switch to the next song either. I tried restarting the app and even uninstalled and re-installed it a couple of times. Now the issue is even worse as it would not even start playing a song. This issues occurres no matter whether I'm using Wifi or data. Also, I cannot download playlists anymore and make them offline available. 


On my other iOS devices (iPad, MacBook Air), there is no issue. 


Btw, I'm a Spotify Premium user.


Thanks a lot in advance for your help,


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Hey Luc, welcome to the Community! I'm sorry to hear you're having problems with Spotify for iPhone and thank you for being so thorough. I can completely understand why this would be so inconvinient for you. You've done absolutely everything within your power to see if it's a problem with Spotify.


May I suggest a system restore? This would wipe your iPhone, then reinstall the software. You can then opt to restore it from a backup as long as you make one before you restore. 🙂 You can find more information about an iOS system restore at:


I really hope this solves this horrible problem for you. If it doesn't, please get back in touch and another member of the community should be able to help you further. For now, keep enjoying Spotify on your other devices and keep checking out the Community for music chats, frequently asked questions answered and off-topic chinwags. Take care.

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