Spotify dosent find my ipod


Spotify dosent find my ipod

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My Ipod nano dosent show up under devices in spotify, nothing happens. It just continue to stands that I need to connect my Ipod even thougt I have connected it.


I have tried everything which stands in this article:!/article/How-to-sync-iPod-with-Spotify/ 


I don´t have Itunes connected at the same time.


I don´t have too many devices on my spotify account. 


I have also tried to download a old verision of spotify.


I have tried to use another usb-cable.


What is the problem with spotify not finding my Ipod nano?

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Re: Spotify dosent find my ipod

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What generation of iPod nano is it? Any devices which connect via the lightning connector (rather than the old 30-pin connector) are not supported I'm afraid.

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Re: Spotify dosent find my ipod

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its the 7th generation so I guess it won't be able to connect to spotify, but thanks for the answer!